Wednesday, January 7, 2015

We Homeschool Wednesday - Art Journaling

  Ok, I have come across the neatest pin on Pinterest about Art Journaling, which led me to the Thistle Dew Blog!  Lots of great stuff people!  If you visit her blog and click on the Art Journaling icon on the right of the page, she gives you lots of instructions and tips on how to get your child started with their own Journal.  She has a journaling guide for each month of the year - this makes your life and my life much easier - and I will even share a link where you can find the blank journals that you will need.

  Thistle Dew Blog:

  I think you are going to love this, I know I am excited to start Art Journaling at our house.  I have been looking at the page for January and it starts by asking your child to create a title page for this month and even encourages them to create a border and to take great care with layout and lettering.  I think this is a great way to spark an artistic interest in your child and it doesn't leave them to just figure it out on their own.  She throws in lots of fun activities, great poetry, encourages nature walks, and even works in Scripture that pertains to the journaling of each month.  I love everything about this!

  I wanted to add a picture of the page that leads you through January, but wasn't able to do that.  Although, you now have a great reason to visit the Thistle Dew Blog!

  If you are wondering where to find a blank journal for this wonderful endeavor, go to Miller Pads and Paper and you will want the blank journal, find it here for only $7.50:

  Miller Pads and Paper is a homeschooling family that serves other homeschoolers.  I encourage you to visit their website often.

  Hope you are as excited about this as I am!  Happy Journaling!


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